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Fall 2014 Syllabus and Schedule

Course Description:

Broad survey of computing topics and fields for new majors, along with the academic and professional skills necessary to succeed in those fields. Students will work with a team to complete a semester design and implementation process.

Course Staff:

four course instructors, four junior teaching fellows (two per section), eight peer mentors (four per section).

Survey of Computing Concepts and Areas:

Big Ideas, People, Data, Hardware and Systems, Intelligence

Integrated Professional Development Track:

academic resources, career planning, degree requirements, feedback, learning styles, networking, presentation skills, teamwork, time management, test taking.


five journal entries; programming assignment in Processing; Matlab exercise; resume and cover letter; presentation of data about enrollments, progression, and diversity of COEIT majors; project with design, implementation, evaluation, and presentation phases


pre-and post-survey of student attitudes about the computing field, confidence about ability to succeed, and aspects of the course; analysis of written reflection about career goals; focus groups of students from experimental section and comparison sections; longitudinal tracking of student outcomes.

Analysis of Assessment data:

surveys, journal entries, persistence, future performance.

Fall 2014 Curriculum and Materials


Instructors: Dr. Carolyn Seaman and Dr. Susan Martin


Downloadable Material By Week
Semester Game Information
Professional Development Assignments